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Creatively thinking forward

A matter of vision.

Keller Creatives embodies bold visions, a sense of community, and an affinity for technics that comes almost naturally. All of it is combined in this FPV Shop.

Follow our exciting journey.

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Did you know you miss out on a lifetime opportunity by not participating in the greatest FPV-movement in Europe? Keller Creatives counts on you to enable great progress.

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Born in the Bavarian Alps, Keller Creatives began its journey in spring 2020 in Immenstadt, Allgäu. Keller Creatives started as a young and aspiring full-service-advertising-agency. Along the way, Keller Creatives discovered the eternal beauty of FPV filmmaking and the struggles attached to starting it.

Keller Creatives' current focus lies on forming a community out of inspired creatives, professional filmmakers, and FPV-pilots. On its social platforms, Keller Creatives will provide tips & tricks, exclusive insights, and regular updates on the newest items in store.

To ensure the highest quality standards, all of the products offered in the shop are tested & trusted by Keller Creatives.

The future of the Keller Creatives Shop is bright - so bright it might even make you blind. Watch out, if you can, for 2022 magazines, job opportunities, and radical advertising projects.

About The agency.
"If creativity has no limits, isn't it necessary for us to redefine what impossible means?"
People Behind the magic

Meet our team.

Creative Work.
Tim Feistner

Tim is an experienced filmmaker, editor and photographer working on projects all over the world. He's kind-hearted and open-minded.

Nikolay Keller

Nikolay’s fresh and visionary ideas shape the way in which Keller Creatives operates. He’s the head and the heart of this company.

Verena Anwald

Verena is a compassionate project manager with a specialization in service design and an affinity for branding.

"The moment I first thought about this shop I was thrilled because I knew this is the beginning of a new era."

Constantly striving to break boundaries by challenging the current Status Quo in filmmaking.


Providing its customers with a platform to express themselves and become leaders of innovation.


Offering a service that's safe and trustworthy throughout the entire ordering process.

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